For Students

We invite interested and highly motivated students to work with us.

You can read about the projects running at the MEG Center (see Research) and join one of them for your course of diploma work. You can also participate in our experiments as a test subject (see Volunteers).

MEG is unique equipment. There are less than two hundred MEG systems installed worldwideand only one of them is located in Russia - at our Center. With the help of MEG, you can track brain activity with an excellent temporal and spatial resolution. For example, you can see how neural activation spreads from the visual and auditory cortex to the 'higher-order' cortical areas and back. Or you can find out which brain areas work when we learn new words or learn how to recognize ambiguous visual images. You can read about the MEG method in the 'About MEG' section of our website. You can also more fully familiarize yourself with this method in the 'Useful Links' section. In order to conduct MEG studies you will likely need the following:

  • Programming skills, or be prepared to acquire them.
  • Willingness to learn new techniques.
  • Ability to read scientific literature. Good knowledge of English is indispensable!

Welcome to Science!