Sysoeva Olga


Sysoeva Olga, PhD 
Senior research fellow

Research interests

I am interested in unraveling the link between genes, neuronal processes and psychological functions. Recent progress in molecular genetics allows identification of single nucleotide changes in DNA. This knowledge can be used to link specific genetic profiles to particular neurophysiological or psychological characteristics. Moreover, advances in molecular genetics open novel perspectives for research in the field of human genetic disorders. Some of these disorders can already be modeled and successfully treated in animals. While modeling of complex behavioral phenotypes (e.g., language) in animals is complicated or even impossible, relevant neuronal activity and sensory functions can be evaluated in both animals and humans, thereby facilitating translation from research to clinical application. My current research is focused on the basic sensory functions and their EEG-MEG correlate, i.e. the intermediate phenotypes linking genetic abnormalities with behavioral characteristics in humans.




Rare genetic disorders

Processing of the fine temporal structure of the sound in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Psychophysical indices of visual cortex functioning