Prokofiev Andrey


Prokofiev Andrey, PhD 
Senior research fellow

Research interests

The area of my interests can be characterized  by the story of John Khamri "One Small Spin". I'm always curious how some trifling trifles, being accumulated over time and overlapping with each other, may lead to a failure and how one have to act in order to avoid the failure.

Technical support of the MEG-center

My main duties at the MEG Center are: 
- Maintenance of the MEG equipment and regular filling with liquid helium;
- Teaching researchers new to the MEG the essential skills of conducting MEG experiments and data preprocessing;
- Launching new projects (including technical and organizational assistance); 
- Carrying out experiments, recording MEG data;
- Preprocessing and processing of the obtained MEG data; development of project-specific data processing algorithms;
- Visual design and proofreading of publications.


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