Orekhova Elena


Elena V Orekhova, PhD 
Senior researcher 

Research interests

I am interested in how the brain develops in typically developing children and how it is affected in neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders, particularly in autism. In my research I use Electro- and Magnetoencephalography (EEG, MEG).  These methods are noninvasive and can be used in subjects of all ages. They have excellent time resolution and allow detailed investigation of dynamics of the brain activity. During my early career I investigated ‘rhythms of the brain’ and their functional significance in infants and children.   A large part of my current work is devoted to the search for MEG/EEG biomarkers of neurodevelopmental disorders, with particular emphasis on functional connectivity and fast electromagnetic (gamma) oscillations.


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Neurophysiological underpinnings of autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Processing of temporal structure of complex sound in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Regulation of the excitation/inhibition balance during the menstrual cycle in healthy women and women with PMDD

Visual gamma oscillations and excitatory-inhibitory processes in the brain