The MEG Center routinely conducts brief practical classes and introductory lectures for students, post-graduate students and staff of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow State University and the Higher School of Economics.

We also developed a more complete course (50 hours) to teach users the theoretical basics of MEG and practical skills of using MEG in neuro-cognitive research. The course is designed for senior students, graduate students and researchers. You can find the course program here.

Clinicians planning to use MEG in clinical practice can undergo a practical course for doctors 'use of MEG for pre-surgical diagnostics in patients'. The purpose of the course is to train the clinicians to localize  foci of epileptogenic activity and to perform functional mapping of irreplaceable areas of the cerebral cortex with the help of MEG.

To get more information about the Center's educational activities and about the training courses, you can send an e-mail to